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General Precaution In Operation Theater

 There are some general precaution in operation theater that must be taken to prevent spreading of infection because operation theater is highly contaminated and it cause the risk of life of patient. 

General Precaution In Operation Theater

General Precaution In Operation Theater 

  • Every one should change their clothes & slippers while entering in Operation Theater and wear scrubs OT scrubs

  • Operation Theater should be sterile on fumigation should be done

  • Every one should wear mask, surgical gloves & surgical caps

  • Surgical equipment must be sterile before and after used

  • Surgeons & staff must be scrubbed before surgical procedure.

  • Surgeon & staff should be wear PPE kit.

  • Nobody allowed to go near to operating table once the patient is transferred to operating table.

  •  Operating site of patient must be clean with betadine.

  • Biomedical waste management must be properly managed 
  1. Syringe & blade - White Box
  2. Glass - Blue Box
  3. Anatomical waste, body fluids, blood - Yellow box
  4. All plastics - Red Box
  5. Cardboards - Black box 
  • Nobody should touch sterile instrument on the sterile trolley only those who wear surgical gloves can touch sterile equipment .

  • Glassware's, Petri dishes, scissors should be sterile in hot air oven.

  • Clothes, in surgical instrument should be sterile in Autoclave.

  • No rubber items should be placed in autoclave.

  • Operation Theater temperature should be maintained t 20C - 22C 

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