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MRI vs CT-Scan | Advantage of MRI over CT-Scan

 MRI vs CT-Scan. The major difference between MRI Scan vs CT-Scan i.e in ct scan we use radiation and in MRI we don't use radiation. 


MRI vs CT-Scan  Advantage of MRI over CT-Scan
Image credit : Pexels.com


MRI vs CT-Scan  Advantage of MRI over CT-Scan
Image credit : oncologysystems.com

MRI vs CT-Scan | Advantage Of MRI over CT-Scan

  • MRI uses powerful magnet field and radio frequency pulses to produced detailed pictures of organ and other internal body structure while CT-Scan utilize X-ray to produce image of the inside of the body.

  • CT-Scan uses gradation and MRI doesn't use radiation 

  •  MRI provide more detailed information about the inner organ ( soft tissue) such as brain, skeletal system, reproductive system and other organ systems than is provided by a CT-Scan.

  • ACT-Scan is combination of series of X-ray images taken at different angle the CT uses the computer to reconstruct the images from these X-rays. while MRI is a scan that uses magnetic fluids and radio waves to produced a detailed image of the body's soft tissues and bodies 

  • CT-Scan is not appropriate during pregnancy because it produce radiation which will harm child & mother too while MRI is magnetic waves base so there is no issue during pregnancy.

  • In MRI images can be taken in any plane but in CT-Scan image is taken at a fix plane.

  • If compared to CT-Scan it as better contrast resolution & lesions characterisation  even without use of contrast media.

  • MRI angiography can be done without giving contrast media

  • In case of MRI Brain MRI give clear images of some vessels without contrast but in case of CT-Scan contrast is needed to see the vessels.

  • MRI is more sensitive to tissue change while CT-Scan is less sensitive toward tissue changes.

  •  In MRI no iodinated contrast media is used while in CT-Scan iodinated contrast media is used.


MRI vs CT-Scan MRI basically give clear images of tissue but CT-Scan cannot give that much clear images and the complication in CT-Scan is much higher than MRI because of radiation.

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