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Thermoluminescent Dosimeter| TLD Badge |

Thermoluminescent Dosimeter TLD Batch is a device which used to measure the radiation dose received by a radiographer.

Thermoluminescent Dosimeter TLD Badge

Thermoluminescent Dosimeter| TLD Badge | 

TLD (Thermoluminescent Dosimeter )is a type of radiation dosimeter consisting of a piece of thermoluminescent crystalline material inside a radiolucent package.

How TLD Is Work?

When an thermoluminiscent crystal is exposed to ionizing radiation it absorb and trap some of the energy of the radiation in the crystal lattice. when heated the crystal release the trapped energy in the form of visible light the intensity of which is proportional to the intensity of the ionizing radiation of the crystal was exposed to. A specialized detector measure the intensity of the emitted light and this measurement is used to calculate the approximate dose of ionizing radiation of the crystal was exposed to material exhibiting thermolumininescence in response to ionizing radiation include calcium fluoride, calcium sulphate, lithium borate, calcium borate, potassium bromide and feld spor. 

Thermoluminescent Dosimeter TLD Badge
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Read Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP)

TLD was invented in 1954 by professor Farrington Daniels of the university of Wisconsin - Madison.
The two most common type of TLDs
  • Calcium Fluoride.
  • Lithium Fluoride.
There are generally two types of TLDs 
  1. Chest TLD which is wearing on chest and under lead apron.
  2. Wrist TLD  which is wearing on wrist.
The S.I unit is sievert. And the permissible dose is 20 miliseverts in a year. 
All TLD Badge issued by BARC (Baba Atomic Research Centre) and check time to time if any the permissible dose id detected high then radiographer will not be able to do work in radiation department for sometime. BARC also check weather the dose received is direct radiation or scatter radiation. 

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