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Spleen | Anatomy Function Location |

The spleen is the largest lymphoid organ in the body strictly speaking a hemolymphoid organ. spleen is also called graveyard of RBCs.

Spleen | Anatomy Function Location |
Image Credit : MSD Manuals

Spleen Function

The main function of the spleen are:-
  • To filter blood by removing worn-out RBC and microbial agents from the circulation.

  • To manufacture RBC in fetal life and lymphocytes after birth 

  • To provide immunity to the body by producing immunoglobulins M (IgM) by plasma cell.

  • To store RBCs and release them in circulation when required. 
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Location Of Spleen

The spleen is located in the left hypochondrium between the fundus of the stomach and the diaphragm behind the midaxillary line opposite the 9th, 10th, 11th ribs.

Shape Size And Colour Of The Spleen

The spleen is wedge shaped soft organ with purple colour. the size of the spleen is roughly correspond to the fist of the subject.

Surface Projection

The spleen is marked on the surface on the left side of the back of the trunk. its long axis correspond to the upper border of the 9th rib and lower border correspond to lower border.

External Feature Of Spleen

The spleen presents the following external feature 
  • Two Ends
  • Three Borders
  • Two Surfaces
  1. Anterior End
  2. Posterior End
  1. Superior Border
  2. Inferior Border
  3. Intermediate Border
  1. Diaphragmic Surface
  2. Visceral Surface

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