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Fourth Ventricle Of Hind Brain


Fourth Ventricle Of Hind Brain

Fourth Ventricle Of Hind Brain

  • It is the cavity of Hind Brain located in anterior to the cerebellum and posterior to the pons and upper part of medulla oblongata. 

  • The Fourth Ventricle is roughly diamond shaped and present roof (dorsal wall), floor (ventricle wall) and two lateral angle superior inferior

  • The superior angle is continued with cerebral aqueduct of midbrain. the inferior angle continues with central canal of lower part of medulla each lateral angle is prolonged lateral behind the inferior cerebral peduncle.

  • The roof (Dorsal Surface) is tent shaped the under part of roof two cerebral peduncle and superior cerebral velum between them

  • The lower part of roof present a median aperture the foramen of Magnedie through which CSF passes into subarachnoid space. 

  • The fourth ventricle is also called the Rhomboid fossa
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