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Manual Processing Of X-Ray Films | Darkroom |

 Manual film processing is a series of action by which exposed x-rays films yield an image. In manual film processing a series of action are taken.

Manual Processing Of X-Ray Films | Darkroom |
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Manual Film Processing

Marking The Film

  • Patient name should be written on the film.
  • When it is taken out of the cassette before it is put into the developer.
  • The film is marked with pen or ink.
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  • The film is now ready to developed.
  • film should be put into a tank to developer and moved up and down once or twice in the tank.
  • the film should be shift to develop 
  • time for the film to develop depends on the temperature of the chemical.
  • temperature of the developer should be measured in the morning and afternoon with the thermometer provided.
  • the temperature timetable below gives the time in minutes.
  • the film should only be removed when the clock has stopped timing.


  • After developing the film should be rinsed for about 30 sec in clean water in water tank.
  • Remember there should be no white light in the darkroom at this time on else it can damage the film.

  • After the film has been rinsed it should be put in the fixing tank.
  • the film should be this tank for atleast 5min.
  • There must be no white light in the darkroom for the first 3 min of fixing time.


  • After it has been fixed the film should be washed in the large washing tank ( clean running water.)
  • the film should stay in the water tank for atleast 30min.
  • At this point the white light may be on provided when no other film are been processed.
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  • The film is now ready to be dried 
  • the drying temperature must not exceed 35C and the film must be having in a dust free area.


  • Finally the dry developed film should be checked to ensure that the name of patient, hospital no & date.
  • After checking the film can be put in a complete envelope and fixed

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